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As you may already know, the past weekend the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town happened and I was there for Day 2 to witness the royal gathering. It was jam-packed I don’t even know where to start so I’ll just give you the highlights. 

I don’t know where I’ve been to miss these guys but Quiteria & Goerge killed it for me. I loved everything abou their showcase. 

Quiteria & Goerge

MaXhosa didn’t disappoint! The narrative about who the designer and where he comes from, at the begging of the show gave me goosebumps and felt so proud to be Xhosa. The installation and the end almost made me cry, it was too beautiful. 

Maxhosa Knitwear

Without forgetting, a special thanks to Sloan Dala for for dressing me up, I looked stunning. 

Sloan Dala